Why do insurance companies outsource?

It is necessary to properly maintain back-office functions along with marketing, better customer service and so on. This Increase pressure on organizations to support these types of services.

This is the area where the Back end Process outsourcing comes handy. Offering companies a solution to enhance productivity and accuracy in a number of key areas.


  • Reduce work load
  • Increase productivity and scalability
  • Business expansion
  • Less time to launch new product to market 
  • Provide best customer service and many more…
  • Help you develop the flexibility to adapt to a changing business and regulatory environment.

APPSAT provide experience team to handle the back end insurance process. Our team will work along with your team on your network. We will provide dedicated resource to handle back office process.

Each customer will have a quality controller and a customer relationship manager to monitor our deliverability and improve the performance by getting timely feedback.

Cost Effective

We help our customer in reducing the operational cost

Focus on Buainess needs

We help our customers to focus on business requirements

Experienced Resources

Our customers will get experience resources all the time

Save time

Our customer will have time to focus on customer experience

Customer relationship

Our customer can maintain very good relationship with their clients

Easy to launch New Product

Our customer can launch new product easly while we take care of back office process

We have fixed monthly billing, hourly billing and project based billing. For quote please contact us:

+1 (929) 323-2223

+1 (929) 334-3924

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