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We handle your work load you focus on on your business growth
Our Service

APPSAT  will take of operation process. This will enhance Wholesale broker business growth in market expansion and specialization. We support managing submissions, pre-binding, placement and renewals, Which covers all your requirements. Our comprehensive solution which can handle real time challenges. 

Our customer can focus on maintain good relation with carrier, brokers and agents which can help them to provide a unique experience. Our customers can enhance service and quick response with our highly experienced on workload handling.  Our customer can deliver in time with excellent quality of service.

Our service ensure timely delivery, reduce work load, save time to focus on other activities and reduce operating cost.

Our solution

Our expert team can handle back office process with best practices and global standards

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Our Digital Marketing Services

Take Your Business to the next Level

Social media Message Marketing + Email Automation & Campaign + Social media Auto Post with PROXY Access + SMS Marketing

Social media Message Marketing

Fb messenger bot, private reply and comment on fb, posting on fb, Ecommerce on fb messenger.

IG messenger bot, private reply and comment on IG, posting on IG, Ecommerce on IG messenger.

Note: Fb and IG api approval needed

Email Automation & Campaign

10000 emails per month, 10 contact list, 1000 subscribers per list, 10 automations, 10 campaigns.

Social media Auto Post with PROXY Access

FB, IG, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, Telegram, Reddit, WhatsApp.

You can customise, preview and Schedule post across all above social sites.

SMS Marketing

Send SMS to customers prospects

Supported gateway: Planet IT, Plivo, Twilio, Clickatell, Nexmo,,,,,,,,,,, smsgatewayme,

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