How Outsourcing Insurance BPO handle Loss Run Ordering More Effectively

Business owners are too busy that they will think about insurance when they require. Commercial line policies require more data. Loss Run reports are critical in insurance processing. Due to high volume of clients policies reports, it is very difficult to handle. Insurance BPO comes handy to handle these reports efficiently. 

Loss run reports contain detailed information of claim history, frequency, type and financial impact.  If an agency does not have an efficient and proven way of obtaining these critical loss run reports in a timely manner, they run a high risk of being blocked by underwriter. If an agency is constantly being blocked from quoting prospects. This will effect the business. The best solution for this situation is to outsource the process which will get more time to quote more prospects. APPSAT  provide very good control on reports with industry experts.

APPSAT Loss Run Processing services:

  • Sending request to previous Insurer.
  • Extracting loss run history to get policy renewal 
  • Analyzing and preparing claim reports..
  • Submitting to underwriter
  • Notifying to underwriter 
  • Forwarding reports to broker and agencies

Loss Run Outsourcing advantages:

APPSAT insurance directly work with agencies. We will process the policy far before the renewal date. This will help the agency to procure another policy. APPSAT is one stop solution for Insurance Back End process services. We provide the reports in timely effective manner so that it will reach the underwriter desk by far before others. This will help the agencies to quoting more prospects.

We have fixed monthly billing, hourly billing and project based billing. For quote please contact us:

+1 (929) 323-2223

+1 (929) 334-3924

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