How Insurance BPO improve Insurance Quotation Process

APPSAT can Stream line Commercial Line Quoting for carriers, agencies, and MGA

Business Insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, P&C insurance, health insurance or any other product, customer need pricing quotes. APPSAT directly work on customer management system.

Personalizing Experience:

Getting quote on website or app is much needed option to customers. This is important to maintain such option on online. Telephonic enquiries for quote and through Agent are also utilized by the prospects. For all the possible ways the customer experience should be the key factor. Providing personalize experience to consumer is challenging.

APPSAT provide the simplified and speed up with a personalized experience to business customers for policy purchase. The best experience to customer is that they should know what they bought. The pricing and risk tolerance is key factors that most business customers consider. Speed up the slowing down should apply when it required to know what customer looking for.

Balancing Service:

Generating a quote is basic task but being a risk  manager helps the customer to identify the best option. Clearly understanding the deductibles, coverage, liabilities, exclusion and premium is what business customers looks mostly. Some prospects search for multiple insurers. Present more customers are search for quote using mobile. Our Insurance BPO service helps more customer friendly experience.

How Insurance BPO Simplify the Process:

Preparing a quote is time consuming. Outsourcing this process will make business to focus on business activities. Outsourcing this process will make sure the standardization process and free up resource availability to focus on other key activities. We delivering quality customer experience with technology to quote and renew the policy with speed, consistency and standardization process with customer friendly experience.

  1. Coverage Details
  2. Premium & Commission Tables
  3. Carrier financial rating
  4. Proposal Template
  5. Spreadsheet
  6. Delivery in Print format 

Why Outsource Insurance Quoting to APPSAT Insurance BPO ? 

  • Compliance with rules and regulation
  • Data and Network Security Policy
  • Quotes and proposals prepared by highly experienced resources
  • Increase in operational efficiency
  • Accurate and time bound process
  • High scalability, less data maintenance and Customer friendly experience.

We have fixed monthly billing, hourly billing and project based billing. For quote please contact us:

+1 (929) 323-2223

+1 (929) 334-3924

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